Can your veneer chipped off? Dr Mawarni

Can your veneer chipped off?

Can you appreciate the chipping of her old veneers in this case?

The answer to the above question is; OF COURSE! Unless you are a creature who do not chew using your teeth! 😉

Then, come the next question?

How long does the veneer last or at least how long will it look nice until it chips?

My answer to that question is;

Well, it depends.

A few factors may contribute to the longevity of one’s veneer. They are:

  1. Your biting, chewing pattern.

Some people have deep bite compared to others.

In laymen’s term, deep bite also known as the ‘tightness’ one’s bite between the opposing teeth.

If you experience frequent chipping of your veneers, that could actually be a sign that you have grinding/ clenching habit at night.

The solution is, you might need to consider wearing a night guard to avoid frequent veneer repair visits to the dentist. This action may remove not just your heart ache but the dentist’s as well.

2. Occlusion trauma– This factor is usually preventable if the dentist did a careful assessment of one’s biting pattern.

If not, frequent unnecessary extra impact to the veneers may speed up the wear and tear effects.

3. Technical problem– This usually happens during the treatment. Dental treatment procedures like veneers can be technique sensitive.

An example of this is, if there is no proper isolation during the treatment, contamination of moisture during the treatment from saliva/ blood or fluid from gum may cause reduced in bonding strength of the veneers.

This will eventually lead to detachment or chipping of veneers.

4. Oral Hygiene and regular maintenance– Last but not least, this factor is very important.

Keeping your oral hygiene tip top is very crucial in ensuring the lastingness of your veneers.

You need to come for a minimum of 6 monthly check up for the dentist to find out how well you are maintaining your oral condition.

My advice is to go back to the same dentist that did your veneers. This will allow the dentist to review his own work and polish it back to make it shiny and look new all the time.

Simple touch up and polishing can make chipped composite veneers look new and shiny again! =)

I would like to tell you a story about 2 different and special women in my lives. They are my mum and my 2nd sister. It’s about the composite veneers/ fillings that I did for both of them. Of course, I will do my best for them right.

My sister’s smile. She could not stand to see the assymetry-looking veneers of hers.
After minimal adjustment and repolishing. I feel the level of the veneers slightly off, but she wanted to be like this. I reinforce the need of wearing night guard to her to minimize this problem.

However, my 2nd sister keep coming back because of chipped veneers. When I checked her bite, it was perfectly okay. That’s when I suspected she has some form of grinding habit and need night guard to prevent from further chipping.

In contrast, my mum never complain and chipped her front fillings.

As a dentist, I always want every restorative treatment that I did will last forever. Yes, honestly. Not just for family, but for every single patient of mine.

In life as we know, nothing last. Even the perfect tooth created by God can be rotten if it is not being taken good care.

I hope this topic will give you some insights about veneer treatment. The possibility of wear and tear will occur in all areas in our lives including dental treatment. Rest assured we will do our best to minimize the repair work.

If you want to share your thoughts and add on more input to this topic, feel free to email me at I would like to hear from you.

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