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Miss N came to me requesting to replace her loose teeth with denture. She actually sent inquiries on our Instagram direct message (DM) prior to making appointment with us.

She went to 2 different clinics for opinions and did not agree with the dentists’ suggestions and treatment plans.

The 3 photos above shows Miss N oral condition before any treatment was done. Gum recession, drifting & loose teeth, reddish swollen and bleeding gums are classical signs of periodontitis disease.

Miss N has a condition called generalized chronic periodontitis (advance stage). She has generalized mobile teeth and had difficulty to chew and smile.

The reason she did not agree with the previous dentists’ treatment plan was because she felt too overwhelming to extract all her teeth followed by the denture procedure.

After seeing her oral condition, I proposed her to remove the really mobile teeth (six in total) followed by acrylic dentures to replace them and she agreed.

The dentures will be issued on the same date of the teeth removal so that she will have a life changing smile immediately.

I told her that it is crucial to do full mouth scaling (cleaning) before starting the denture procedure.

This is because by making sure her teeth clean, the gum condition will improve. Thus, the longevity of the remaining teeth can be increased.

I proceed with scaling and polishing followed by taking impression of her teeth for denture procedure.

Miss N was so ecstatic after receiving her new denture though she felt a bit awkward. She never wear any denture before. She already expected that it is not going to be a perfect appliance and requires sometime to adapt.

These are Miss N’s teeth after scaling and immediate denture treatment. Look at how neat the teeth now compared to before. The gum healed tremendously =).
Don’t you think her smile is a lot better now? She could not smile widely here because her lips are still numb due to the anaesthesia effect.

I stressed again the importance of taking care of her teeth and regular 3 months follow up to keep her oral health in check. This is also to ensure we can slow down the progress of the periodontitis disease.

I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to help her. Deep down, I wished she would have sought treatment earlier so that the damage was not that bad.

If you have this kind of problem too, please do not feel hopeless. There are solutions to every problem. We are always here to serve you with tender, loving care! Make your appointment today!

Do email me at if you are interested to know the solutions to your dental problems =).


Dr. Mawarni

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