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Have you ever thought of straightening or aligning your teeth? Ever wondered what exactly braces is all about? And why do people endure the pain and struggle of wearing braces? Does it just make you look good or is there more to braces than just looks?

Small arch size, leading to crowding.

Braces, or orthodontics is a branch of the science of dentistry where teeth are aligned to it’s natural form for aesthetic reasons and function. Yes you read it right, FUNCTION!

Protrusive smile due to overdeveloped upper jaw.

Function is ultimately the goal for orthodontics. Without teeth, it would be hard for us to eat, speak or even have proper balance. Eating provides us nutrients to go through the day, and without being able to chew properly, we cannot absorb the nutrients the food provides properly. Thus, it is very important to be able to chew properly with properly aligned teeth!

Clear aligners for patients who don’t want all that metal and mess when eating.

As a result of correcting the form, alignment and rotations of the malaligned teeth, the forces of chewing and biting are directed properly, thus allowing for longer lasting teeth with fewer problems when you get older (reducing mobility of your teeth when you get older!)

Edge to Edge bite, can lead to problems of chipping and unnecessary forces to the front teeth.

Plus, with making all the teeth aligned properly, you have an easier task of cleaning them and maintaining your oral hygiene! Thus, less visits to the dentist for scaling and polishing.

Retracting the Canine down for proper alignment and function.

So don’t think braces is only for aesthetics purposes, it is mainly about function, longevity and cleanliness with the extra benefit of looking good 😉

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