A smile that brings out one true-self: Dr Mawarni

Ady is my teacher’s husband. He came in for dental check up feeling unhappy about his smiles. He came all the way from Senawang because he trust his wife’s recommendation.

I think partly because I posted about my work cases on my personal Instagram account. The online cases sharing had led my teacher to feel confident that I could solve his husband’s dental problems.

When I went through my teacher’s social media photos, none of them had Ady’s smiling with his teeth seen. As a result, he appeared to have a serious and unapproachable personality.

Ady had several sport accidents during his school days. He had fell many times and the impact from the trauma had affected his teeth. The front teeth were loose and jutting out.

Ady’s smile before any treatment was done

He also had a gum disease called generalized chronic periodontitis.

Actually, I have written about his blog before. The title of the blog was – ‘Why so serious?’. Previously, I took out his 2 front teeth and immediately place a temporary bridge.

He also underwent other necessary treatments like scaling, root surface debridment, and redo his root canal treatment.

Due to his busy schedule, he only managed to get the permanent bridge issued recently. I am so excited to share the outcome.

Ady’s smile after the permanent bridge was issued. He could not really smile ear to ear as his upper lip was still numb here.

As you can see Ady has a much better smile now. I reminded him to keep smiling and do not ever forget to come for his routine 4-6 monthly check up to keep his oral health in check.

The routine dental check up is for the dentist to ensure you are taking care of your teeth correctly. Also, it acts as a positive reminder to be more consistent in building good oral hygiene practice.

My teacher send me a photo of her husband’s smiling happily. She thanked me again for the treatment done. It had caused a positive change to their lives. Ady now is free to be his true-cheerful-self.

If you have had the same experience as Ady, do come for a thorough check up and detail consultation. We will walk you through the options and steps needed to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile!

Email me at mawarni@story.drfauziah.com for more enquiry on dental issues. I will be more than happy to help you. =)

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