Aging teeth: Dr Nik

I’m sure that everyone knows that aging will likely cause wrinkles and gray hair. But do you know that aging will also affect your teeth?

As we grow older, everyday wear and tear takes a toll on our teeth. All that chewing, grinding and biting wear the teeth away and flattens the parts that we use to bite and chew.

The colour of our teeth change too. It turns to a darker shade as we grow older. Gums might pull back from our teeth exposing the roots and creating space or gaps in between the teeth.

All these will make our teeth become unsightly and for some people it might affect their life too. Their confidence level decrease as they are concern that people might be looking at their aged teeth.

There’s few treatment available that can help and solve these problems. The easiest and cheapest way is to do composite veneers treatment like what I did to this patient.

She started off with yellowish worn down front lower teeth. The height of the teeth were not level and there’s spaces in between the teeth as her gums had receded downwards towards the roots of her teeth.

Before treatment

After composite veneer treatment

By doing these composite veneers, I managed to help and give her a youthful look to her teeth and smile. It boosted her confidence level and now she can smile widely.

Come and get yours done if you are facing the same problems too and experience the change yourself.

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