Smile makeovers for a lovely couple!: Dr Mawarni

One fine day, Talib went to see me for his regular dental check-up for the first time. He used to go to other clinic. He was recommended by his friends to come and check out our dental services.

Since he did not make any appointment, he had to wait a bit as priority was given to our appointment patients. Talib was really understanding and had no problem to wait at all as he was free on that day.

As I checked his teeth, he had a few minor issues. Besides needing a few fillings and scaling, he also requested to close his front gap and wanted to know the options to replace his missing teeth.

Talib’s teeth before any treatment. The arrow is showing his old denture tooth. He also wanted the middle gap to be closed.

The next day, he came and brought his wife, Rajmah and several other friends. I thanked him for his continuous support and also his generous referrals!

Rajmah with her denture teeth. The teeth looked short and yellowish. She also complaint it was difficult to remove and wear her very tight denture.
Rajmah’s smile without her 2 front teeth.

Rajmah also experienced the same problems. Both of them are wearing removable dentures and requested for something fixed to replace their missing teeth.

Talib had made his mind to replace his missing single front tooth with fiber-reinforced composite bridge. His wife also had decided to go for the same option. She however wanted to see his husband’s after treatment smile first.

The 4 above photos are Talib’s smile after gap closure with simple composite and fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) bridge treatment. His last smile said it all. He was really satisfied with the outcome! =)

Rajmah came the day after her husband’s FRC bridge treatment and commented that his husband’s new tooth was really nice and natural.

The 3 above photos are Rajmah’s smiles after the fiber-reinforced composite treatment. It can be done in a single visit. I took about 3 hours to complete her treatment =). It was more challenging as I need to sculpt 2 teeth. I reassured her that she can always come back if she is unhappy with the shape or color of the teeth for adjustments.

Both of them was really happy with the treatment outcome. Their first impression when I handed the mirror to see their new smile was, “CANTIK!” It simply means beautiful in Malay.

They also said, it is much comfortable rather than wearing their old denture. I told them to keep their old denture in their museum. ;P..

Before they went back home, I took the opportunity to educate them on how to clean and maintain the bridge. I taught them flossing technique so that they could keep their remaining teeth for life.

I am grateful for the ability to help this lovely couple to have beautiful smiles!

Feel free to email me if you are interested to know more about this case at I promise you will get a fast respond =).

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