Little changes, Big difference – Dr. Shanaz

This lovely patient of mine, Mrs. Linda came to me after her husband told her that he had the most wonderful dental session with me. He actually fell asleep throughout the whole treatment when I did his scaling and fillings. He woke up with cleaner, shinier and natural looking teeth; thus decided his wife should go through the same procedure!

Mrs. Linda was of course reluctant, scared and a bit nervous about getting treatment done (as do all patients).

I only had 30 minutes with her, so I took the opportunity to change her front two fillings first. I assured her a quick treatment session, but huge changes!

Discoloured front fillings.

Knowing that she was nervous, I knew she needed to get a boost of confidence by giving her a better smile. And FAST!

New fillings!

And with 30 minutes, I managed to her smile to change, increased her confidence with receiving dental treatment, and uplifted her spirits!

It helps plenty that the trust is built initially. Sometimes starting small can be helpful enough to make it easier for patients to come for their required treatments. Don’t you think?

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