Plan your smile makeover with us!: Dr Mawarni

On early December last year, Wahidah emailed me asking about quotation inquiry for dental treatments. She needed to plan in advance as she is staying in New Zealand. She wanted to maximize her holiday in Malaysia.

Since she had not been visiting the dentist for quite a while, she had decided to do a smile makeover this time around.

This sweet and petite lady had decided to migrate to New Zealand since she got married which was about 20 years ago. She is now staying there for good and only come back to visit her relatives once in a while.

I answered all her enquiries and I managed to book her slots as planned. I reminded her that the online diagnosis was just an overview and was not yet confirmed until she do the proper live check-up with me.

She totally understood. The reason behind was because she wanted to estimate the total cost so that she could be prepared financially.

The above photos are Wahidah’s smiles before any treatment was done.

She was interested to complete all the necessary basic fillings and scaling. Also, she was concern to close the gaps of lower front teeth and make a new set of Valplast dentures for both upper and lower missing teeth. She had been wearing the old denture for 10 years. The denture was made in New Zealand.

I did the necessary treatments as per planned. I closed the gaps with composite veneers on her first visit and took impressions for the dentures on that same day.

Since she had only one month for the whole procedures, I tried my best to work with technicians to speed up the process. She already had flights booked for her holiday and trip back home.

Hence, I need to make sure she will get her beautiful smile by then. She spent the time in between the dental visits to do shopping, and meet her relatives and friends.

The above 4 photos are her smiles after composite veneer treatment to close the gaps for lower front teeth and a new set of Valplast (flexible) dentures.

As you can see from the before and after photos, I think I have accomplished to transform her smile. The journey of this process was really worthwhile as I got to build friendship with Wahidah. She was satisfied, thankful and happy with the final outcome. =)

Her only issue was the lower Valplast denture felt a bit bulky. I think this was due to her first time wearing the lower denture. She had no problem at all in adapting with the upper new denture and the lower composite veneers. I reassured her that she will get used to it very soon.

Before I bid her farewell, I reminded her to go for her 6 months check-up regularly. I also hope one day I will get the chance to travel to New Zealand and meet her again.

Till we meet again Wahidah! Meanwhile, don’t forget to flaunt your new pretty smile!


Dr Mawarni

If you are interested to plan your smile makeover with me, you can reach me via email at =). I can’t wait to hear from you!

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