Replacing a missing tooth: Dr Nik

Fiber reinforced composite bridge.

It is one of the ways to replace a missing tooth and it is a semi permanent solution. It is fixed (not removable) so it is much more comfortable compared to a denture.

It uses a fiber glass strands or bundles to form a strong and rigid foundation for a sculptured composite build up.

This fiber strands is bonded to the surface of the adjacent teeth. Which surface of the tooth is totally depends on the individual treatment plan.

Tooth preparation before fiber strand bonding

In this case of replacing a missing front lower tooth, the fibers was bonded from the front surface of one tooth to the back surface of the other adjacent tooth.

Fiber glass strand bonded to the teeth surface prior to composite build up

Once the fiber glass strands was bonded, composite resin was added to cover the glass fibers and composite build up was done and sculptured to form a tooth to replace the missing tooth.

The FRC bridge after composite build up

The whole procedure is a one visit procedure and usually takes around 2 hours to complete. It is painless and the price is also affordable. Do contact us at 03-95201591/1590 or email me at if you are interested in getting the treatment.

Dr Nik Roslin.

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