Helping Sherry get rid of her dark tooth!: Dr Mawarni

Have you ever notice someone who has a very obvious discoloured front tooth? If yes, did it distract you to look at it and somehow disturb your focus in getting in the real topic of communication with that person?

I predict majority of the answer will be YES! Especially when you are a dentist and beauty conscious people.

Human are designed to love the norm and perfection. If something is out of the proportion such as asymmetry and suddenly different in shape, colour or form, the brain will signal something is not right and needs to be corrected.

That is exactly how my client, Sherry felt with her discoloured front central incisor tooth. She had a fall about 20 years back and the tooth was hit. There was no noticeable deformity of shape . However, after sometime, the tooth changed colour, from yellowish to dark brown.

The 3 photos above are Sherry’s smile with that dark tooth. Don’t you think the dark tooth looks so obvious?

Sherry had been wanting to seek help for the solution of the dark tooth since a long time ago. She kept postponing her dental trip because of fear of coming to see dentist.

The anxiety was so strong to the point she ignored the weird stares and glances of the tooth by others whenever she talked or smiled.

Being a human, of course she felt sad and uncomfortable with that kind of reactions. A smile can really affects your psychology and total well being!

One day, she forced herself to come and see me. As we checked her radiograph (X-ray) of that tooth, there was a periapical lesion suggesting of infection.

Surprisingly, she never had any symptom of pain or swelling coming from it. The only reason she wanted to fix was due to the colour and the tilted adjacent tooth.

Her case was a difficult root canal as the canal was not accessible and blocked completely. As a result, we plan to have it removed and replace the missing tooth with a fixed-fixed dental bridge.

The thought of replacing it with an implant was a no-no for her since she was really scared of surgery.

Sherry had to come for 3 visits in completing the bridge treatment. On her first visit, I extracted the discoloured tooth, trim the adjacent teeth and fabricated a beautiful temporary bridge for her to wear for about 2 months.

Sherry with her temporary bridge. This photo was taken several months after wearing.

The 2 months gap is necessary to allow the healing of the extracted socket and gum around it.

On her 2nd visit, I took the final impression to send to technician for the fabrication of the permanent bridge. She chose to do porcelain fused to metal bridge type.

I re-cemented the temporary bridge on that same day. In doing indirect restorations like bridge, veneers or anterior implants, the temporary appliance is very important to give our client an idea of the final smile appearance. It also allows the person to adapt very fast with the permanent bridge later.

If by any chance, she is still not happy with the shape, size or alignment of the teeth, there are still rooms for changes. This is do-able as long as the permanent appliance is not issued yet. If the permanent appliance had been issued, then we had no choice but to remove it and remake another one.

The latter will be more complicated procedure as you will likely to go another round of the procedures again.

So, my advice is, talk to your dentist clearly about your expectations. Good communication can prevent a lot of possible future frustrations from both parties.

Finally, on the 3rd visit, I issued her the permanent bridge. The whole process was very smooth. Sherry voiced out her opinion about the temporary bridge. She knew what she wanted and I was happy that I managed to do the necessary amendments and crafted a better smile curvature for her.

Sherry with her permanent bridge issued. The curvature of her smile before and after treament portay the inner feeling felt at that moment. The smiles are more genuine and wider after the treatment compared to before.

I could see she felt less anxious as she came for the follow up treatments compared to the first time we met.

So, do you have similar scenarios like Sherry? If the answer is Yes, what stops you from coming to seek help from dentist?

Share with me your concerns and problems at

I am more than pleased to respond to your needs and create beautiful smile for you too.   It’s never too late to make that smart choice ;)!

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