FRC Bridge, again! – Dr. Nik

Lately, I’ve been getting a few cases of fiber reinforced composite bridges (FRC bridge). This time I’m going to share with you the case that I did on my regular dear patient, Puan Khaty.

Puan Khaty had a missing upper right premolar. She had taken out the tooth many years back and I did advise her to replace the missing tooth with either a denture or a porcelain bridge but she refused. She didn’t like the idea of having a denture because for her it is a hassle to have something removable and didn’t like porcelain bridge since the treatment require trimming of the adjacent teeth.

Back then FRC bridge was not available hence it was not part of the options of treatment.

On her recent visit with us, FRC bridge was discussed. Minimal preparation or trimming of adjacent teeth and painless and she instantly said ‘yes’.

Teeth preparation before insertion of fiber glass strands.

As you can see in the photo, the teeth trimming that I did was very minimal, a bit of trimming on the side of the premolar and on the behind surface of the canine (sorry it can’t be seen in the photo). It was very little that she didn’t need any local anaesthesia.

Composite resin sculptured around fiber glass strand to form the shape of a premolar to replace the missing tooth.

Fiber glass strands were bonded to the prepared surface and composite resin was sculpted around the fiber to form the shape of a premolar.

FRC bridge in place.

Upon completing the treatment and her taking the first glimpse of her new ‘tooth’ , she burst out laughing and grinning ear to ear. When asked why she laugh, she told me that she’s happy with the result and are much happier at the thought that her family members can no longer tease her for not having a tooth there. Hahaha…I’m sure it’s going to be a huge surprise for her family and am glad that I was able to be at her service.


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