Clear Aligners, a clear solution. – Dr. Shanaz

Thinking about getting a more aligned smile? Do you have braces on your mind? Well how about going for aligners instead?

1. No metal brackets
2. No wires
3. Able to see proposed end result on a video
4. Less chances of getting dental caries
5. Easier to maintain oral hygiene
6. Less appointment reviews
7. Comfortable (variable)
8. Hardly noticeable!

Technology has come a long way, even for dentistry! Gone are the days where you are only able to realign your teeth using the traditional bracket system.

Most cases are actually suitable for clear aligners as a treatment option and provide you with overall more satisfying treatments! Check out the cases below to see how a Clear Aligner fits!

Though a little bit on the pricey side, it gives you a great number of benefits. Especially if you’re concerned about how you look with traditional braces on.

Talk to one of us to see where clear aligners can change your smile! – Dr. Shanaz

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