Yes ! We are doing dental screening day in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah Taman Melawati. On this day we provide examination for all , adult, children, elderly and of course those who never seen a dentist before. It is free of charge.

I, for one happy with this new program that we have. It can  raise the overall consciousness about oral health. So, what do we do during the screening you may ask?

Well, during this screening, we identify oral disease, especially tooth decay, or other oral conditions (for example, delayed tooth eruption or premature tooth loss, abscesses, or trauma) and to provide guidance for management. It will only take around 3-5 minutes to complete the screening. After the screening is completed, patients will go back home with an Examination and Diagnosis sheet. It is a piece of paper where we chart down any caries, missing teeth , mobile or shaky teeth that we see and jot down the treatment they needed.

The Examination & Diagnosis sheet that will be given to our screening patient.

If the patient wish to do the treatment , they can make an appointment with our Clinic Manager ,or if there is any available slot and dentist on that particular day we will attend to you.

Below are the days and time for the dental screening. You can drop by on that particular day or give us a call at 03-9520 1590/ 1591/1592. Help me to spread the news by sharing this blog. 🙂


Dr. Dini (

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