Change to a better smile: Dr Nik

“Doctor, I want to crown my front teeth”

This is what she said to me when I asked her the purpose of her visit.

It was her first time in our clinic and she knew us from her brother whom I did a dental makeover for his front teeth nearly 2 years ago.

Her front upper teeth has multiple composite fillings. She had repeatedly filled the teeth as staining at the margin of the fillings are a constant problem.

Stained and discoloured composite fillings

Yes, I do agree with her. Composite resin especially at the margin of the filling will pick up stains if not polished well and over the years the overall composite will also discoloured. Crowning the tooth or a capping around the tooth will solve this problem. Dental crown is made from porcelain which is colour stable and will not stain.

Since she wanted a slightly whiter shade crown compared to her existing teeth colour, I proposed 4 full porcelain crown for her center 4 teeth that were filled before and 2 composite veneers on her upper canines to match the colour of her new crowns.

Four porcelain crowns and two composite veneers in place

The whole treatment took us 3 visits in a duration of 3 weeks to complete before she finally able to greet the world with her brand new smile.

It looks gorgeous right?

Plan to have one too? Email me at or call us at 03-95201591/1590 and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Dr Nik.

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