Fluorosis or White Spots on your teeth? ICON to the rescue! – Dr. Shanaz

Ever noticed that you have white spots that never seem to fade away on your teeth? Or maybe some brownish spots that are more pronounced whenever you smile?

These are all signs of fluorosis!

Simply put, when you were younger, you must have ingested a little way too much toothpaste and that caused you to have a bit too much fluoride in your teeth. Which by the way, is actually a good thing!

Fluoride ions make your teeth stronger! That’s why it’s in your toothpaste, water and other products! But a little too much can show effects on your teeth. Just like Mr Wen here.. He’s been having these fluorosis spots for way too long and wants them removed.

So I suggested a less invasive procedure using a resin infiltration method (ICON), which the material is absorbed in and clears away the stains and uniformly distributes the colour of the tooth.

Much less invasive as there is absolutely no drilling or removal of the tooth structure involved, which is usually how we would deal with pesky fluorosis stains.

After isolating the tooth
Etching the tooth clean it and to allow the resin to infiltrate the teeth involved
Immediately after etching
Immediately after the resin has been applied and allowed to be absorbed by the tooth

And after just 20 minutes, the results were AMAZING!

With zero drilling, no cutting of teeth, absolutely pain free and fantastic results, Mr. Wen was smiling all over. As the teeth needs to take time for some rehydration, the colour will stabilise much more after a few hours.

Post-op after ICON Resin infiltration!

So if you white spots like Mr. Wen, come on over, we might have a perfect solution for you to would be fast, efficient, and most importantly conservative!

Before and After!


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