Teeth With Black Spots – Dr. Adyan

I had the chance to meet a patient who was a cheerful chap, but tried to cover his mouth when he laughs.

When he sat on the dental chair, I asked him to smile and I could immediately guess what was his concern.

This was how his smile looked like:

He had multiple fillings that were done years ago but are failing and having another caries underneath them, there are some teeth with new caries, and generally there’re a lot of staining on his teeth!

He wished to get rid of the caries and the old fillings which he referred to as the ‘black spots’ on his teeth.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out how deep the caries were when I was cleaning out the caries . A little bit later and his teeth would have needed a root canal treatment!

Good thing he came just before the worst happened!

It took slightly more than an hour to remove the old caries and redo the fillings, but he was such a sport! Relaxed and cheerful even when going through the procedures.

The caries were too extensive and needed a composite veneer to restore the tooth. And finally, here’s how his smile looked like now:

Dashing, clean smile, right?

You wouldn’t even know that his teeth were covered in caries before!

“Now I feel so much more confident!” He said while checking out his new smile in the mirror.

Apart from restoring health to the teeth, we were able to restore his smile. He’s coming back to fix his back teeth soon, but in the meantime, I bet he’s out there somewhere flashing his beautiful smile confidently!

If you’ve got problems like this, please don’t be afraid to come and see us before it’s too late.

You can contact me at adyan@story.drfauziah.com if you’d like to ask anything regarding this post.

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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