Goodbye Old Fillings – Dr. Adyan

I’ve seen so many cases where patients come with old fillings that have stained and are discoloured, and in most of the cases they have another caries underneath them.

Composite fillings can get stained over time due to chipping of the edges of composites, and due to stains from food that we take every day. That is why your regular bi-annual check-up is important to maintain your fillings and for the dentists to detect any abnormality of your fillings and replace them as needed.

This patient of mine had her fillings done years ago and not only there were stains on her fillings, the fillings have caries underneath which could have led to toothache. In addition to that, the fillings were uneven which made one tooth to appear larger than the other.

Here was how her front teeth looked like. The two font teeth are not of the same size because the fillings were uneven in size. The fillings are stained, and had another caries underneath. The neighbouring teeth also had caries and were stained.

To improve her dental health and smile, we had to remove the old defective fillings, clean the caries, and make new fillings that were polished to shine like natural tooth and of the same size.

We took some time to carefully clean the caries and sculpted the new fillings to perfection, and finally here’s her new smile!

The smile now looks more beautiful with cleaner teeth because the new composite fillings blend in well with her teeth, the teeth shines better and the teeth size matches!

The patient was happy to see see her new smile and she was smiling so wide when we were finished!

If you’re concerned of your old discoloured fillings, please don’t hesitate to come and have it checked! You’ll never know if there’s caries underneath your old fillings that might cause you to have toothache later!

Call us up to book your appointment!

You can e-mail me at to ask me anything you’re curious of. I’ll be glad to help 🙂

See you soon!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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