My Top 3 To-Do this MCO season – Dr. Adyan

Hi there!

How’s everyone doing with the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

So a lot of us have been working from home, and for me personally, I’ve got more free time since we are reducing operation hours and only take in emergency cases to reduce the exposure. For me, this is vital because those who can stay at home should stay at home and together we can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19. #stayathome

Different people have different ways of adapting to the MCO.

Let’s fight this together!

Today I’m sharing my top 3 ways of making the most out of the extra time (and to stay sane, of course):

1. Plan my day

Trust me, I initially thought there’re nothing to plan for, but it turned out that planning my day ensures that I use my time well, and it makes me think of what other things I can do for the day! You can plan what time you’ll wake up, what meal you’re going to have, when are you having your meals, which show you’ll be watching today, how many pages of book you’re going to read – and the list is endless! So have fun planning your day!

2. Reduce time on social media

For me, social media is one of my main resources to get the latest update (from the right authorities). However I found that sometimes there are too much unnecessary negativity, so limiting my time on social media to a reasonable period is crucial for me to stay positive during these hard times.

3. Catch-up on old projects or learn new skills!

Now’s the time to do what we couldn’t do during our busy times! I’ve picked up books that I was supposed to read last year and finally managed to finish reading them during MCO (together with my cat :P). My mom had gone back to her sewing hobby and managed to finish 3 blouses. So many things to do, and there’s no better time to do it than now!

One of the books I read, and yes my cat doesn’t let me read in peace.

I’ve got so many other things to share but these 3 would do for now.

Tell me, how do you adapt during the MCO?

And although not everyone can come to the clinic, you can still contact me by emailing me at and I’ll be happy to answer!

Take care, and stay safe!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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