Coronavirus Disease 19 (Covid-19): My Role as A Stay At Home Mum –Dr Gwen Gan

While the world is fighting with the pandemic disease, Coronavirus Disease 19, I also have a fight to do at home. 

My casual me look at home, so cannot show you my face. XP

It is a brand new experience for me to be a stay at home mum and I must say it is much harder than what I imagined.

On the first day of the MCO, I thought I was really smart to begin with a schedule of what I wanted to do and what I wanted my daughter to do every day.

It really looked like a very well planned schedule and by the end of the MCO, I was sure that I would finish reading  10 books and posted maybe 20 posts in my Instagram which contained useful dental information for my followers.

On top of that, my daughter would be the next Malaysia young idol as she would learn all the skills of cooking, reading, playing piano, baking, exercising, drawing, journaling and bla bla bla….

The last time I used this blender probably was 4 years ago?

Today is the 18th day of MCO and the result is:

I did not finish any one book; all were stucked somewhere with different bookmarks. I only had one post regarding dental information in my Instagram . I could not recall any achievement as all day long I was cooking, tidying, doing laundry, shouting at my daughter to finish her meal, to do her homework and etc. 

As for my daughter, yes, she did not become any kind of genius. She is still the same old her, probably thinner as I am now her caretaker who has zero idea on how to take care of her.

Sounds really like a nightmare right?

However, it most likely would be the sweetest memories between my daughter and me. We never had so much time spent together ever since she was three months old (after my maternity leave).

Yes, it is true that both of us did not achieve anything genius; but the time spent together, planting the seeds of love in our heart will continue to grow.

Do we look alike?

With this post, I hope to spread some positive energy to more people, to look at the bright side of the MCO.

We are always busy with works and neglected our loved one. This is the time that we relook into the family relationship and spend some quality time together.  I am sure one day when all of us look back at this crisis, we will want to say,”Yes,the virus is strong, but when we unite together, is stronger than  anything!”

I wish you all the best and enjoy your days staying at home!

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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