Air Polishing : An Effective Way to Remove Plaque and Stain – Dr Gwen Gan

Are you one of those who always feel frustrated about the stains on your teeth, but you just can’t let go of the coffee mug every morning?

Are you one of those who go for regular dental cleaning, but feels that there are still stains in between the teeth?

If yes, please continue reading.

I would like to introduce AIR POLISHING

one of my favorite treatments, now available in Klinik Pergigian Fauziah

What Is Air Polishing?

It is an alternative method of removing stain and plaque from the teeth.

How Does It Works?

It uses a special light handpiece similar to ultrasonic scaler to carefully sprays a compressed powder, air and water against the toothsurface.

Benefit of Air Polishing

  1. It is a very gentle method of stain removal. Patient’s feedback was comfortable about the procedure. There is no pain for this procedure to be performed.
  2. It is very effective to clean areas that were difficult to be cleaned using conventional polishing rubber cup.
  3. It is less abrasive than conventional way of stain removal, it is safe for enamel and cementum and soft tissue of the teeth.
  4. It also removes plaque and help to reduce gingivitis.

This is how I feel about it:

I felt very delighted with the result when I used air polishing to clean stains in between teeth and also the pit and fissure of the teeth. It was always a headache for me to remove stain at this areas as these are the areas where a rubber cup or prophylaxis brush cannot reach. With the air polishing, most of the stains were removed successfully.

Here are some pictures to show you what is air polishing.

I hope you enjoy the reading and feel free to call to inquire about this new treatment available now in our clinic.

Thank you.

Dr Gwen Gan

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