Smiling can do wonders to your life: Dr Mawarni

Aini is getting conscious of her smile more than ever before. As she reached 50 this year, she feels a sense of wanting to look better and took greater care of herself. She values one smile and thought that it is one of the ways we could assess one’s character.

“People usually blame aging as one of the factors to look lousy. I will not let that happens,” she said.

Aini complained the gaps between her front teeth got bigger. As a result, food always stucked there.

She came to me to whiten her teeth and close the front gaps of her upper front teeth.

She has a very good oral hygiene. That explains why she still retains all of teeth even at the age of 50. I am so proud of her. I wish more people is aware of the importance of seeing dentist and keeping your mouth and teeth healthy.

No more gaps!! Simple treatment yet can give a lot of differences to one’s confidence and self image.

Do you realize the power of your smile? Smiling can literally change your life. Smiling at the waiter, you will get your drink faster. Smiling at your kids, they will feel loved. Smiling at your spouse, he will wonder what he did that makes you so happy. Smiling at me, I will smile back. Smile at everyone you meet. Smiling at yourself in the mirror, you will feel better.

If you are not happy with your smile, maybe improving it is the best thing you can do for yourself. Like Aini, you can do whatever it takes to have your dream smile. =) I could not be happier to be the person who will make that happen.

Email me at for any dental inquiry. It’s my pleasure to entertain your needs.

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