The Story of a Beautiful, White Smile- Dr. Adyan

There was one patient of mine who walked shyly into my room.

I asked her how I could help her out, she right away answered that she needed veneers for her front teeth and some replacement for her missing teeth.

She was aware that when she smiled, her upper teeth were not as visible as she wanted to. She was also concerned of the missing teeth on both the upper and lower arches. In addition to that, two of her upper teeth on the left were tucked behind her lower teeth.

Since there was a lot to be done, we had a discussion on which treatment options were available for her. After explaining to her the procedures, pros and cons, and costs of the available treatments, she decided to replace the missing teeth with FRC (Fibre-reinforced Composite) Bridges. For the old leaking fillings, we decided to replace them with new ones and to further improve her smile she decided to go with composite veneers for her upper and lower teeth.

She knew what she wanted when I gave her the options of shades for her veneers. She chose a bleach-white colour which is whiter than the yellowish shade of normal teeth. Personally I thought the shade would suit her because she is fair-skinned, and also I could layer the composite so that it will look natural and healthily white.

The procedures took 2 visits due to the complexity and the numbers of teeth that needed work. But she was such an angel and stayed calm throughout the treatment!

It was all worth it when the final result looked amazing! See what I mean with the teeth looking healthy white and natural? Doesn’t her smile look so much brighter and beautiful now? You even could barely notice that she originally had a few missing teeth!

She was happy with how her veneers and bridges turned out and smiled as she walked out of the clinic, and I felt great that I could help her achieve her desired smile.

Feel free to email me at if you’ve got any questions to ask me! 🙂

See you soon!

Till then, take care and stay safe!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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