FRC bridge treatment just in time for Raya celebration: Dr Nik

Fiber reinforced composite bridge (FRC bridge) is a prosthesis that replaces missing tooth. It is one of the fixed solution to replace missing tooth, means that patient cannot remove it out from the mouth.

I just did one FRC bridge for a young mother just before Raya holiday. For her case, I did an immediate FRC bridge. It means that the FRC bridge treatment is done directly after an extraction of a tooth. She has a badly rotten and broken upper center front tooth and after discussion of all possible treatment options for that tooth, she opted for an extraction followed by FRC bridge.

Badly rotten and broken tooth

There are many reasons why patients chose to do a fiber reinforced composite bridge compared to other type of treatment. For her it was mainly because it is the fastest treatment; the treatment needs only one visit and it is cheaper compared to other fixed treatment options.

The whole treatment took around 2.5 hours to complete from the time I started to pull out her tooth, arrest the bleeding, putting on the rubber dam (the blue thing in the photo) and finally bonding the fiber glass strand and carefully sculpting composite resin material around it to form a tooth like structure to replace the extracted tooth.

FRC bridge in place with rubber dam on.

And this is how her smile looks like when she came back after raya for review and also for a treatment to close gaps for her lower front teeth (Notice that there’s gap in between her lower front teeth in the before treatment’s photo).

Now, her dental makeover is completed and what matters most to me is that she is very happy with the result.

Happy patient , happy me…and if you need a dental makeover yourself, I would be really happy to create one for you!

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