Fulfilling her wishes!: Dr Nik

I’m sure everyone of us has a strong desire or hope for something. It might be a small or big thing. It might happen or probably will not happen at all.

For this patient , she has 2 wishes ; one..she wants to have a nicer set of teeth without gaps and two.. absolutely no no no to braces treatment.

Her teeth with gaps before treatment

Lucky for her, I was able to help and fulfilled her wishes.

But how?….you might asked…

By doing what we call dental bonding composite fillings and composite veneers.

Sculpting composite resin material during treatment

It worked like magic! After 3 hours of treatment , she was very happy to get what she wished for…gap-less teeth without braces treatment and I was humbled that I was able to realize her wishes.

After treatment: gap-less teeth as wished!

So…when you look at yourself in the mirror, do you have a wish to change your smile? If you do, make the first step in realizing it by contacting us at 0395201591/1590 or email me at nik@story.drfauziah.com and lets take the next step together.

See you soon!

Dr Nik Roslin.

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