Aren’t you curious to know how? I know some of the questions that you have at the back of your mind when you read this title. Is that even possible? You may ask that. Or, what is the procedure like? Is it a painful procedure? Does it involve needle? Those are the common questions I get from my patients.

Well, I would say this. It’s not a painful procedure. Yes, it does involve needle IF we have to ( trust me..It’s for your own comfort). We will not inflict pain on our patients unnecessarily. Take this particular case of mine as example :

Madam T came to see me complaining of discomfort on her lower left teeth. Upon examination, I found that, she has receding gum. That’s one of the reason why the discomfort occurred. I advised her to change her tooth brush and to start using any sensitive tooth paste.

Once she understood the reason of the discomfort , she started to ask me on how to improved her look. I smiled at her and explained few treatment options available in our clinic.

For her case, I advised her on Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge to close the lower front gap that she has and also to do a new upper denture. Although patient had to come multiple visits to achieved her dream smile, but it was painless and patient was satisfied with the end result.

What a different a new set of denture can do to a person!

What a total transformation! Looking at the before and after pictures, do you believe me that dental makeover can make you look 10 years younger? You do, right? This is one of the cases that I had done. I will share few more other cases in upcoming blog.

Till then, if you know anyone who has a similar case like this, and wants to improve their look or smile, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Much love,

Dr. Dini.

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