How Immediate Denture Instantly Change Your Smile – Dr. Adyan

As a dentist, we try our best to save every teeth with dental treatments.

However, some teeth are just beyond saving.

This patient had her upper front teeth loose for years already and the position of the teeth are not as it originally was due to the mobility of the teeth. When she came, the gums were already swollen and there was infection that kept on re-occurring.

The bone and gum support for the front teeth were too weak to hold the teeth and after a discussion with the patient, we decided to extract the 4 loose teeth and replace it with an immediate denture.

Normally, when someone requires a denture, we’d take out the teeth first and let the gums heal. Then only we’ll start with the denture process after a few weeks.

However, these teeth were front teeth which are very important for socializing hence we couldn’t just take out the teeth and leave the patient without any front teeth for weeks.

Here’s where immediate dentures help. The denture is made before the teeth were taken out. Once the denture is ready, the patient will come to take the teeth out and we’ll immediately place the denture after the bleeding had been controlled.

So the patient does not need to leave the clinic without her front teeth. As you can see here, she’s already flashing her new and more straight front teeth on the same day we took out her natural teeth.

Although immediate dentures will later need to be replaced with a new denture, it’s a good option to replace any front teeth that needs to be taken out.

If you’ve got any enquiries, just write to me at and I’ll be happy to help!

See you soon!

In the mean time, take care and stay safe 🙂

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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