Smile Better with an FRC Bridge – Dr. Adyan

Losing a front tooth would be a total nightmare for me. I can’t imagine talking or smiling with other people while they stare at my missing front tooth.

This patient also had lost one of his front tooth for a while and had been looking for a way to replace it.

With advancements in dentistry nowadays, there are many ways to replace a lost tooth.

I explained to him the options that were available and suitable for him, and after discussing together we agreed on doing a fibre-reinforced composite (FRC) bridge.

With an FRC bridge, we do not need to cut a lot of the adjacent teeth as compared to a conventional bridge. It is also more cost-effective and can be done in one visit. And unlike dentures, it is permanently fixed in place and do not need to be taken out.

However, it may not be suitable for all cases, therefore the dentist would need to do a proper check before determining if FRC bridge is suitable for you or not 😉

In about one hour, the tooth was sculpted and placed on the fibre that connects the two natural teeth at the side.

In just one visit, the patient was able to smile with complete set of front teeth again!

Do you have any missing front tooth?

Come and let us help you restore your beautiful smile 🙂

You can also write to me at if you have any enquiries, I’ll be happy to answer.

Stay safe and take care!

Lots of love,

Dr. Adyan

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