One look at the title, surely will give you a naughty thought. :-). Rest assured, it is not, :-). However SIZE DOES MATTER! Although it is subjective. Sometimes small is good and other times, the bigger the better.

Well, I’m talking about teeth. Most of us, would associate big teeth to being ‘jongang’. Others would say, small teeth equal to having a perfect smile. I can’t say any of these is right or wrong. For me, a lot of factors has to be taken into consideration for what to consider a perfect smile. A perfect smile is the same as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Meet Fariza.

Fariza-when she first saw me.

If you an avid reader of our blog, yo would recognized Fariza from Dr. Adyan’s previous blog : SHOW YOUR TEETH. Fariza’s chief complaint was that her teeth were too small. She wanted a bigger teeth. I explained to her that she had a ‘gummy smile’ and her gum line was low, causing her teeth to look short and small. I advised her to do gum contouring with Dr. Adyan, where we contour the shape of her gum on the front teeth to improve the size and proportion of her teeth. Although this treatment has certain limitations but she was well aware of it.

That was middle of May. I saw Fariza again early this week and she said she wanted to do veneers because she still think that her teeth were still small. I suggested to do 4 unit composite veneers to fulfill her dream smile.

Fariza- after the gum contouring treatment.
Fariza with her dream smile ! 😉

At the end of the 90 minutes, I handed Fariza a face mirror for her to see the end result. ” What do you think?” I asked her as she was looking in the mirror. “Perfect!” she replied with her wide satisfactory smile. ” Happy ?” I asked her again. ” Definitely! ” she said.

Just one simple word made my day. Indeed, making one person happy can change the world. Maybe not the whole wide world, but their world . However,in this case both our world! 🙂


Dr. Dini (

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