Bright Smiles for Years! – Dr. Shanaz

Sometimes a small comment from a friend can trigger a reaction that leads to action. Take Miss Nur for example. She had no qualms or worries about her teeth colour for years until a friend asked whether she smokes… due to her yellowish colour of her teeth.

She did not smoke, nor does she consume high coloured beverages (except the occasional coffee) and she has never noticed that her teeth were slightly on the yellowish side.

Nonetheless, she wanted something done! That comment was bugging her and made her very self-conscious whenever she did smile… thank god for Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening though!

Shade taken before Zoom! Whitening

The whole process took roughly 1.5 hours after a routine scaling and polishing and then proceeded with the Zoom! Whitening session. After a quick look in the mirror, she was beaming with a new and brighter smile!

Shade after Zoom! Whitening

Get a brand new smile in just 1.5 hours and notice the huge boost of self confidence! – Dr. Shanaz

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