Switching crown experience: Dr Mawarni

You know you are strongly remembered by someone when the person blogs about you. It is either due to good or bad experience.

Some people thought people do not read blogs anymore. Well, I disagree with that. I still read blogs about recipes or when I want to go travel and get other peoples’ opinion about certain places.

This patient of mine, Aqila actually blog about me 3 years ago. She went to see me to get an opinion about her old crown.

I was really touched to read her blog. Though she did not get a ‘bombastic’ treatment at that time, she willingly gave good review about my service. That’s like free marketing for me. Thanks Aqila!

Recently, she decided to do the treatment that I suggested her to do. She was not happy with her old metal-ceramic crown. She thought it was a bit protruding. She was also disturbed by the blackish shadow of the metal at the crown margin.

The metal ceramic crown at her right central incisor. Can you notice the difference?
She feels it is also a bit jutting out

Well, that is the disadvantage of having a metal ceramic crown for your front tooth. It’s a No-no for people that have a gummy smile like her.

She did whitening treatment followed by replacing the metal-ceramic crown with the full ceramic one (Emax) with me.

After the old metal ceramic crown is replaced. No more blackish shadow at her gum margin =)

Finally, Aqila can smile without feeling insecure now. I knew she was the cheerful type. She was always smiling even before I replace her old crown.

We took pictures together to record this sweet memory. Moments like this are really Instagram worthy. 😁 I love when Instagram or Facebook reminded me of the beautiful memories I once had before.

It’s easy to be caught up with the negativity in life. What we need to do is to shift our mind, value and be grateful with the small things that make life beautiful like this kind of moment.

I love my job and my patients 🤗.

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