Brighten your Smile! – Dr. Shanaz

Always thought your smile needed a little sparkle? Yuni here thought hers was getting too yellow as she is heavy coffee drinker (who isn’t? :D).

So I suggested to try out the best teeth whitening product I know in the market. Zoom! Whitening is first and usually only choice when it comes to teeth whitening. Yes, it tends to cause some sensitivity immediately after the process, but it’s easily manageable!

Always check the shade of the teeth before whitening

So after checking her current teeth shade, we got to work! All it took was one hour, and throughout the whole hour, she even got to watch her favourite TV show!

The prep before the whitening gel is placed

After one hour, her smile was improved tremendously! Best part was, her teeth didn’t even feel that sensitive. Next up, was to give her nice veneers to even out the smile 🙂

Wait no more! Get your teeth whitened and brighten up that smile – Dr. Shanaz

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Farah Hana
Farah Hana
3 years ago

Can i know the price for whitening and filling?