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Remember that whitening case a few weeks back? Well, my patient actually came to us because of a post I put up here on butterfly incisors, and how I corrected them using composite veneers. Here’s the link :

This patient actually had a similar problem, though hers a bit more complicated as one of teeth were a bit more crooked that the other.

Do you notice the two teeth in the middle tilting inwards?
Side view
Another side view

So after going through whitening first, as to neutralise and even out the shade of her teeth, I went ahead a started to give her a transformation that would change her smile and maybe give her that boost of confidence too!

It took me roughly 1 hour 15 mins ( I still work a bit slow, but I’m getting much faster!) to get her smile to be the best it can be with composite veneers. Say bye bye to those “butterfly incisors”!

Post treatment – side view. See the little gap there? Closing that would cause would make the tooth too bulky, so I decided to leave it.
Another post treatment side view. Notice how the teeth looks even from the side now?

As Yuni went through with whitening before I started with the composite veneers, I had an easier time to blend the colours and shade in with her other teeth. Do you think her smile looks better? I sure hope so! – Dr. Shanaz

Before and After.

Don’t be shy to visit us k. Drop me an email if you have any questions.

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