Braces and Good Health – Dr. Shanaz

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word braces?

Straighter teeth?
Metal and wires?
Nicer smile?

They’re all correct. These are the most common phrases associated with orthodontics (the study of dentistry that relates to diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws, misaligned bite patterns) or most commonly known as the treatment itself, braces.

Even though the reason someone seeks to get braces or aligners (clear invisible braces) is mostly on the aesthetic front, the biggest advantage of the the end result of realigning your teeth is most definitely: health.

Notice the crowding of the teeth? And possible food trap?

The main issue when it comes to crowded or malaligned teeth is that it’s difficult to clean your teeth properly. Due to our diet and food choices, plaque accumulation and food particles are more prone to get stuck in our teeth. And it’s even worse for people with uneven teeth alignment!

Notice the premolars that are squeezed in?

Teeth caries (dental cavities) and gum diseases are higher in people with uneven teeth alignment. Even for dentists, it’s much harder to do a filling in a weirdly placed tooth compared to ones that are properly aligned in the arch.

Easier cleaning when teeth are aligned properly.
Even with braces this patient can achieve good oral hygiene!

So encourage yourself to opt for braces or aligners the next time you visit your dentist; not only for aesthetics, but also for general oral health.

“Any disease related to the mouth has an impact elsewhere in the body,” says Denis F. Kinane, BDS, PhD, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. So do yourself a favour and take care of your oral health. Remember, aesthetics is the bonus! – Dr. Shanaz

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