Bringing Joy To Other People : Dr. Nik

Don’t belittle small help or gesture that we can offer because it might be small for us but huge for the other person.

This is the case of this patient. She is a maid of one of our regular patient. She had multiple cavities on her front teeth and had been avoiding smiling wide and exposing the teeth due to this. Realizing the reason , her employer brought her to see me and requested treatment on those teeth.

Before: Multiple cavities (black discolouration)

It was a straight forward yet challenging case. She just need fillings on those teeth but the fillings has to look natural.

I started off with cleaning the cavities. Removing all the affected area and the black teeth surfaces. Once this achieved, I started on the restoration part, one tooth at a time, where I placed composite resin into the cavity and sculpted it to mimic the natural tooth shape. It took me slightly more than an hour to complete her treatment.

After: No more black discolouration!

What made my day was how she reacted when she took first look at her teeth after the treatment. She was genuinely beaming with joy, thanking me profusely and kept saying how grateful she was for having such a kind employer.

This is one of the reason I love my job. Bringing happiness to my patients in my own little way. As the saying goes, the secret to happiness is the act of making other people happy.

Till then, do email me if you have any question.

Dr. Nik (

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