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Being happy is actually a choice. It needs constant work and practice to cultivate ongoing happiness. I read somewhere that , there are few things we can do every day to discover the secrets of being happier. Two of it are : being creative and do what you love. I am so blessed and grateful that I have these two secrets to being a happier me and I can spread this happiness to people around me especially my patients.

Case in point, Erne. I met her a year ago. She enquired about the treatment options that were available for her shaky baby tooth. I proposed to her a Fiber Reinforced Composite Bridge for that particular tooth. Sufficed to say, she was happy with the result.

After a year has passed, Erne came back to see me two weeks ago and her main concern this time was her 4 front upper teeth. She wanted a straighter teeth without having to go through orthodontic treatment. She asked me to explain more about composite veneer that she read on the internet . I fulfilled her request. I explained and showed some pictures to her regarding some work that I did on composite veneers. She was happy with the explanation and set an appointment for the treatment.

Before. The jutting out right central incisor was bothering Erne.

Last Thursday, Erne came in with a huge smile on her face and said to me, ” Let’s do this doctor!.” I was so ecstatic with her jovial mood that I know the final result would be just amazing. 🙂

In a few hours, we managed to create this natural-looking veneers. She even knew how she wanted her teeth to be shaped like, so we adjusted the veneers according to the teeth shape that she preferred.

She smiled shyly and awkwardly at first because she wasn’t used to having a straighter teeth, but after seeing herself in the mirror, she just smiled so widely and happily!

This is usually the best part for me , seeing the patient smiling wide, beaming with joy. Because at the end of the day, that’s all matters. My patient’s satisfaction. I’m happy and grateful… And, that’s one of the secret of happier life, my friend!

Till then, drop me an email if you have any enquiries.

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