Help me get my tooth back – Dr. Shanaz

Uncle Jimmy recently lost his tooth and needed it to be replaced badly for an upcoming weekend event. He needed it fast and really didn’t want a denture as a replacement. So the best thing to do, was a fibre reinforced composite bridge!

It took me roughly an hour to get ensure his teeth were clean enough to place the fibre strands, and then I was good to go to build up the tooth!

And voila! A tooth replacement in an hour!

The fibre reinforced composite (FRC) bridge is meant to be a semi-permanent solution. As it’s not as strong enough as a conventional bridge, Uncle Jimmy needs to come back every 6 months to ensure it’s cleaned properly and that it’s still strong enough for his daily usage.

In his next visit, we’ll readjust the colour so it matches his other teeth better!

FRC bridges are a quick and cheaper solution especially for teeth not in heavy occlusion (biting forces). Come visit us for your consultation! – Dr. Shanaz

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