Wonders Of Composite Veneers : Dr. Dini

Composite veneers. With the advance of technology and the wide search on the internet,I assume most of you would know one or more things about composite veneers. If you don’t know yet, allow me to explain what is composite veneer.

In dentistry, a veneer is a layer of material placed over a tooth. In this case, it is a resin material that is call composite. A composite veneer is the result of applying the composite resin onto tooth surface, hardening it and polishing it to produce a new tooth surface that is perfect. This new surface hides the old one that might be worn, damaged, yellow or otherwise unaesthetic.

Discolored old composite filling and cavity seen on this patient.

The above patient came to see me requesting me to do filling on her front upper teeth. Upon completing the routine examination, I told her that she needs to do 4 unit composite veneers for her to achieve her dream smile. I also explained to her in detail that I will lengthened the 2 central incisors and shortened the lateral incisors to get the ideal arrangement of upper teeth. She agreed to my plan.

2 hours later, I handed her a mirror and asked her what she thinks with her new improved smile.

“This is wonderful doctor!’ she said.

The new improved smile.

Seeing a patient smiling wide and confidently after the makeover makes me  feel so happy.

I truly love my job!

Dr. Dini (dini@story.drfauziah.com)

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