Creating wonders with composite resin material: Dr Nik

Can you spot any unusual thing in this patient’s upper teeth apart from her slightly crooked teeth?

Did you manage to spot it?

If you do, yes , you are right….she only has one upper center tooth. It’s the right one. She told me that she pulled out her rotten left upper center tooth many years back when she was in primary school. There was a gap before where the tooth was extracted out but as time went by, the adjacent teeth drifted and eventually close the gap.

But that was not the reason why she came in to see me. Her aim was to get a straighter teeth as hers is slightly crooked. After a thorough check up of her teeth, I proposed my treatment plan for her which will not only make the teeth appear straighter but also disguised the left side smaller lateral tooth into a center tooth.

The treatment was a 3 unit composite veneers and it was done on that same day. It took me 1.5 hours to complete the treatment and this is how her teeth looks now.

The teeth looks symmetrical right and left and it’s prettier and straighter , isn’t it? This is why I love composite resin material. It does create wonders!

Need some wonders for your teeth too? Call us at 0395201591/1590 for an appointment or you can email me at if you have any inquiries.

Dr Nik.

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