How white do you want your teeth to be? : Dr Nik

My patient before treatment

Honestly, I personally love natural white shade. This can be easily achieved by doing professional whitening in the clinic or if you choose to do composite or porcelain veneers. The shade would be either an A1 or a B1 shade.

However, this is just my personal preference. When I treat patient, I do listen to what my patient wants. After all , beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Recently I had a patient who preferred to have very white teeth. She told me that she’d done professional whitening before, twice, but she didn’t get the result that she wanted. Hence, she requested for composite veneers treatment. During the mock session, I tried on few natural white shades but she wasn’t happy with it and asked whether we have whiter shade. Yes, we do and she loved and chose that white shade colour.

She proved me wrong. Her fair skin compliment the shade and the colour actually look very nice on her.

This is her new look and she was very ecstatic with the result.

After treatment

Want to have whiter teeth? Come and see what we have in store for you, maybe you’ll find the shade that you’ve been dreaming of.

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