2020 : Dr. Dini

3 words to sum it up…. What. A. Year. !!!

It’s the year that we found out that microorganism smaller than a bacterium called virus or famously known as COVID-19 can harm and affect the global population. Do you know that the global Covid-19 death toll reaches 1.2 million?

Lets just say that 2020 is not our dream year. 2020 is the year that challenges us in every aspect of our life. Not all our dream are achieved this year. It’s the year of gaining and losing. It’s the year of make or break. It is also the year about gratitude, acceptance, changing , growing, exploring and teaching us new things and ways of living our life.

As for me, it taught me a lot. Professionally and personally. This year or this pandemic to be precise taught me to be extra cautious in dealing with patients. We practice a stricter infection control measurement to ensure the safety of ourselves, patients and our supporting staff. We take their temperatures, go through a series of questionnaires, encourage them to use hand sanitizers (which are everywhere in the clinic), then we don our PPEs which consists of a Tyvek suit, disposable gown, surgical masks, face shield and even protective eyewear. I must admit, by the time I’m done at the end of the day, I’m drenched in sweat.

Personally, this year taught me to slow down and look at how I live my life. I believe every single person in this world share the same outlook. It makes us reflects on our relationships with our loved ones. It also makes us look at our good and bad habits. We explore new things. We probably change our lifestyle to a better one.

Above all, I believe that 2020 is a year of lessons. A year that we should be grateful of all the good things that happen around us.

Be grateful if you have a job. Be grateful if you have an income (big or small). Be grateful if you can create a small business. Be grateful if you can keep your business running. Be grateful if you can pay your bills. Most important of all be grateful that you have managed to stay well and alive.

Meet my second family.

In less than 80 days we are leaving 2020. Lets end it with a bang regardless with the Covid-19 around!! Don’t make an excuse! Live our life to the fullest. By now we should know anything can happen.


Dr. Dini

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