Invisalign, the new Braces – Dr. Shanaz

Since everyone likes to have a beautiful smile, the number of braces cases have increased exponentially in these past years. But as conventional and self-ligating braces require a lot of check ups and fine tweaking by dentists, patients need to come often for their review appointments (every 4-6 weeks).

With modern technology; the use of computers, years of research and algorithms, it’s found even the slightest (but constant) pressure from plastics can help move teeth and perhaps get them in proper alignment.

Thus the birth of Clear Aligners have emerged!

There are plenty of clear aligner brands out there, but personally, after trying out many, I’m most satisfied with the results of only one brand, and that is Invisalign.

Invisalign allows doctors to treat nearly all types of orthodontics problems. The ability to control and restrict types of movement for teeth have been a breakthrough in achieving predictable and proven results!

Plus, it’s easier for patients to accept and go through the treatment process:
1. No metal or wires
2. Close to invisible aligners
3. Less visits
4. Faster and shorter treatment length
5. Less pain/discomfort
6. Easier review and check up appointments!

An example of a patient wearing his Invisalign aligners

Check out these few cases below to see the beauty of Invisalign in achieving results for patients. Both cases are still in the final stages, though significant changes are visibly seen in just a matter of 6 months.

Get that dream smile you’ve always wanted. Don’t settle for less!

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