Making the smile less “Gangster” – Dr. Shanaz

We get plenty of interesting cases in KPF. Some of them have very colourful background stories.

Mr. Adi’s wife has been insisting that he fix his tooth for years. What made me laugh was that she said every time Mr. Adi smiled, he looks like a gangster! I took one look and understood what she meant.

Notice that small chip on his front tooth?

Mr. Adi’s problem was such a small issue, I took less than 30 minutes to give him a better smile. Or according to his wife, a “friendlier smile”. Hehe

Fixed in a Jiffy!

Small issues like such can be solved in a matter of minutes, but bring great change to one’s appearance. Don’t let that chipped tooth make you less friendly! :p – Dr. Shanaz

Here’s a collage to spot the subtle difference!

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