Replacing a Missing Tooth – Dr. Shanaz

Arif had a small problem he lived with for quite some time. He had this missing tooth on his left side that bothered him a lot when he smiled. Before coming to see us, he admitted he did a lot of research on Instagram and Google before choosing our clinic. Apparently the many cases we post and Google Reviews helped a lot 😀

He even went through dental procedures on Youtube to see what would be the possible scenarios he would have to go through to fix his missing tooth problem! I admired his determination and willingness to understand.

Getting Arif to smile was already hard enough.
The small gap between his lateral incisor and premolar.

After doing a full check up, I told him the space between his two teeth was very small, and it most probably would be enough for just a small tooth in between. A more permanent solution would be a conventional bridge, though the treatment would be too aggressive as both his teeth were sound, without any holes and would cost quite a lot.

So I offered instead, a Fibre-Reinforced Composite Bridge. He was more than satisfied with that answer and the fact that I could do it in one appointment setting!

All it took was an hour, and he had a renewed sense of confidence in both himself and dentists overall. Plus now he didn’t have a missing tooth there anymore.

Fibre reinforced bridge done to replace missing canine.

I’m glad I managed to change Arif’s smile and perspective on dentistry. Making a difference gives me such joy. – Dr. Shanaz

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