Braces, quick and easy – Dr. Shanaz

Getting braces is a bit of change of lifestyle. Sure, it’ll be difficult to eat for a few days. Ulcers tend to develop. And the amount of food that gets stuck in your mouth can be extremely annoying.

But on the flip side, your confidence grows, your teeth look straighter, your smile becomes more pleasant, you get to eat better and even your overall self-esteem is elevated!

Patient smile and bite during consultation.

This is a simple case, believe it or not. All it took was 4 months, and the end results can already be seen! Check out the before and after photos, and watch this space for an update on this patient’s smile 🙂

Don’t wait too long to get braces, as it’s much easier for your teeth to move when you’re young, healthy and have less oral health issues! – Dr. Shanaz

4 months in!

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John Loo
John Loo
3 years ago

Wow! I really want braces too!