When need is greater than fear: Dr Nik

‘I’m so scared of dentist’

I think this is one of the most common phrase that we, dentists hear from our patients…young and old alike.

They will try to avoid coming to a dentist until their need is greater than their fear. It might be that they have toothache that they no longer can withstand or they need to improve their smile to boost their confidence, increase their self esteem or to give that good or nice first impression.

This was the case with this patient of mine.

Wanting to have nicer looking teeth for an important occasion, he finally came to see me to fix his teeth after procrastinating it for so long.


He had a very badly broken or carious upper left center tooth and the adjacent teeth are showing sign of decay as well. He wanted a slightly brighter shade teeth and hence chose to have composite veneers.

I did 4 composite veneers for him and he promised to come back for few more composite veneers in future.


Hope that he had a good experience doing treatment in our clinic and hope to see him soon to complete the treatment.


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