Gaps or space between front teeth is known as median diastema in dental terms. Median or midline diastema is considered in some cultures as unattractive, especially in Western and South East Asian countries while it is considered as a sign of beauty in Africa and Middle-East. Smiling is the evident component of facial attractiveness. Hence closing the gap between front teeth can create a more attractive smile.

As for myself , I always consider closing the gaps if I come across patients who request my professional advise. There are few treatment options to close the gaps. However, I usually would offer a simple composite restoration treatment if the case is suitable for it.

Let me share you 2 cases that I did in January.

Notice the gaps on the lower teeth and the uneven length of upper teeth. I took 1.5 hours to close the gaps using composite resin material and a bit of trimming on the upper teeth to get Hani’s dream smile.

Zubir first came to see me only to do a simple scaling and polishing procedure. Once I completed the treatment, I casually told him that his upper and lower gaps can easily be close with a simple composite restoration. Hearing that, he immediately set an appointment for it. On that particularly day, surprisingly I only took 1 hour to finish the procedure.

Both patients were happy with their new smile. What not to be happy about? Pain free, quick and simple procedure! Give us a call or visit our website to book your appointment.

Dr. Dini (

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