When a tooth broke, it can be both painful and disheartening. This can not only affect your tooth, but your smile and confidence as well. Multiple factors can lead to a broken tooth, such as eating hard food, unexpected fall, or decay. Rest assured though, with modern advancement in dentistry we can provide you with solutions so your tooth can be on the mend quickly and no one will ever know it was broken in the first place.

Azmi, came to see me with a request to fix his broken front tooth. He had it filled up 2 weeks ago with another dentist at other dental clinic. He was referred by one of my patients. After the initial examination, I explained to Azmi my findings:

Azmi- when he first came to see me.

  1. He had a deep bite upon closing his mouth. This can cause the filling to break easily upon chewing or biting hard food.
  2. He has no molar on the lower left and right side, causing him to chew more on the front teeth. This can cause an extra pressure on the tooth with the filling and can lead to broken tooth.
  3. His bruxism or grinding the teeth during sleeping can lead to the broken filling or tooth.

After the lengthy explanation, I suggested few treatments to him. I would fix the broken tooth by putting a composite resin material and adding 1 pin as an anchor to it. Next we need to fabricate an upper night guide for his bruxism habit. Third step would be a lower denture to replace the missing molars so he can chew more using his back teeth rather than the front. I also explained to him, if the filling brake or dislodge again in future, the next step would be crown the tooth. He agreed with my treatment plan.

After 45 minutes, I finally happy with the result. My nurse handed him a mirror. Upon looking at his own reflection, he smiled wide and nodded his head. ” Looks like a real tooth to me Doc” he said. “That’s my intention” I replied.

Thank you Azmi for trusting Klinik Pergigian Fauziah and for you out there, do contact us if you too would like to get dazzling smile you always dream about.

We are always here to assist you.

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