Broken Tooth – Dr. Shanaz

Have you ever had a delicious meal and suddenly bit on something hard? Well, Siti did. Halfway through the meal, she felt like she was biting on a stone. It turned out to be a part of her tooth!

Most people would be worried, but Siti just laughed it off. As she was telling me this story, she said her friend was perplexed at why and how she could be so calm about breaking a tooth? Siti answered “It’s because I’m confident my dentist would be able to fix it, and with no worries!”

Thus I saw Siti the very next day. And she was right! I would be able to fix it up immediately!

Siti’s broken front tooth

A simple composite restoration (filling), and in 30 minutes, she was good as new! It’s amazing how much my patients can trust that I would do a good job for them. Thank you, Siti, for the faith and trust! – Dr. Shanaz

A simple composite restoration or filling.

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