Replacing missing tooth with FRC bridge: Dr Nik

There’s so many ways that can be done to replace a missing tooth. Denture is the most common one as it is the cheapest option. It is a removable prosthesis which means that you need to remove it out for cleaning and to brush your teeth and put it back in.

For some people this is a hassle and they would prefer something that is fixed. One of the options of a fixed replacement is a Fiber reinforced composite bridge (FRC bridge). It is a less invasive treatment compared to the usual Porcelain bridge and the cost is much cheaper. However, not all cases are suitable to be replaced with FRC bridge. In cases that are not recommended for FRC bridge, patients are advised to replace it with either a porcelain bridge or an implant.

This patient of mine was lucky that his case was suitable for a FRC bridge as he was actually tight on budget.

Before FRC bridge

He had missing left central incisor and had been wearing a denture for years. Now, he want a fixed tooth replacement and was very happy that the cost of the treatment is within his budget.

The treatment took almost 2 hours to complete and he was very happy with the result and most importantly he no longer needs to wear his denture.

FRC bridge to replace missing tooth

It is nice to finally be free from denture, isn’t it? If you are wearing one to replace a missing tooth, why not consider doing FRC bridge. It is a non invasive and an affordable treatment. Give it a thought and don’t hesitate to call us if you’ve decided to have one. Till then, do take care and stay safe!

Dr Nik Roslin (

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