Doctor, I don’t feel confident when I smile….. can you help me? :Dr.Debbie

             At first sight, Madam X , a lovely lady in her mid 50’s who had a tight- lipped smile, came to KPF accompanied by her reluctant and dentalphobic husband.

             She sheepishly told me that her previous front tooth filling chipped off for almost one year! Due to the recent pandemic and travel restrictions, she’s only able to visit our dental clinic now. She would like to get it fix as it had greatly affected her confidence and social life. On top of that, she wishes to celebrate the fast approaching Hari Raya with her grandchildren.

            A thorough dental checkup revealed a chipped upper right central incisor as shown below!. thankfully, she’s not experienced any pain nor sensitivity on that tooth yet.


              As a dentist, I was worried whether I would be able to restore the tooth, and most importantly, her confidence. As everyone knows, the first thing that someone notices about you is your smile , what more a chipped tooth!I then proceeded to match the best shade of filling material to her original tooth colour and restore it and this is the final result!



           It is truly satisfying whenever a patient says “wow doctor, it looks exactly like my natural teeth, as if it never been chipped before! I love it!”. The instant boost of confidence and the beaming smile accompanied after made my day. Madam X was genuinely satisfied and extremely pleased with the result of the treatment.

            Her husband who was initially withdrawn then became ecstatic at the result and how happy his wife was after the treatment! He even requested to have her portrait picture taken immediately! Dental clinic can be a scary place for the young and the old, but I would like to think that the experience has changed this caring husband’s mind to come to the dental clinic more often!


-Dr.Debbie- (

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Yuen Kum Wah
Yuen Kum Wah
3 years ago

A very good write up Dr Debbie especially for ppl like me so scare going to the dentist. What a amazing work being display .